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If you know a toddler who does not yet swim, this product is for you.


Not accepting custom orders at this time.

BUT, before moving on to another company, please call Karen directly at 808-283-6004.
We still have suits in stock and we might be able to send one to you immediately.

To order, click on the fabric of your choice.

My floating swimming suits are hand crafted and shipped within 48 hours.
Available in:
  • Two designs
• Four sizes
• Many fabrics
• One low price.
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What Makes Our Learn2swimSuits Distinctive:
  • Removable "Floaties": Enclosed pockets hold 6 removable "floaties" which, when removed one at a time, assists your child in learning 2 swim.
  • Unrestricted Arm Movement: Floaties are positioned so that arms lay flat by the side for natural, non-restricted movement in and out of the water.
  • Enhanced Durability: Triple layer stretch stitching prevents seams from ever unraveling. Special elastic is used because of the chemicals found in most pools.
  • Racer-back design keeps the straps from falling off the shoulders.
  • Easy to order and shipped right to your door.  OR..  Shipping charges are WAIVED and your Learn2swimSuit is delivered to your hotel when you vacation on the west side of Maui.

Learning 2 swim is easier when your swimming suit is helping!

Happy Hawaiian in the pool  
This little girl is modeling Wild Wahine, size X-large. Notice that her suit doesn't restrict her body movements.

These stylish Learn2swimSuits provide undeflatable buoyancy without sacrificing freedom of movement. Gradually remove the six "floaties" from their pockets as your child improves in strength and swimming ability. Before long, your child will be swimming without fear!!!



I believe in this product and am confident that, when it's used every time you're in water, you too can have your child swimming on his own quicker than without!
Karen Welck   

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Makayla in Wild Wahine
Tayah in Daisy Red, medium size
Little girl and sleeping dad

  Your Learn2swimSuit is not to be considered a life vest; it is a learning aid. Also this product hasn't been tested against standardized safety requirements. And, please, never ever leave your child unattended.

Parker Diving
Diving in!
Parker floating
Staying in!
Explore Beyond The Pool Steps!

Perhaps your most important investment in
your childs' confidence in a water environment.

  • To be used as an aid in teaching how to swim.
  • Helps your child build confidence in the water.
  • Assists in muscle development.
  • To encourage water sport enjoyment.
Benefits when you use your
  • Your child will enjoy being in the water.
  • Your child will learn 2 swim sooner.
  • Children who can swim are safer around water.
  • Your child will sleep better with exercise.

Hold hands and ...
have fun 2gether!!
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Sept./Oct., 2004, issue of their magazine.

"So good to hear from you! Wow, you must have ESP.... I was just talking about you to a friend yesterday and I gave her your card because she is going to Maui in August and I told her about your suits. I will forward this e-mail to my twins club. Also, my neighbor is moving to Maui in two weeks and she has toddlers, so I will print this [flyer] for her.
Take care and keep in touch."

"I have twin boys who wore your suits for a year. In fact, we had to order second suits this past Fall because they were stretched from being worn every day to swim. Both boys have global delays and I truly thought swimming without floats would never happen.

About a month ago I tried the boys without their suits just to see what they could do. Mind you, they've never had a swim lesson, but are in our pool for several hours a day. Much to my surprise, both starting swimming and they've been going strong ever since. I've attached pictures of what they looked like in May and then ones from this past month [June]. In one, my little guy with cerebral palsy is swimming while hauling a bucket!!! That's how wonderful their confidence and ability is with the assistance of your Learn-to-Swim suits!"

Carey's kids in May
Carey's kids in May
Carey's kids in June
Carey's kids in June
Carey's kid with bucket
Carey's kid with a bucket!
"I am buying the suit for my niece. I am taking care of her while her parents are on a trip. Reya is very adventurous and fast! The suit will help me keep her safe. My children all wore your suits and are fabulous swimmers without lessons! My 8 year-old daughter won a 25 yard freestyle race at a swim meet last week!"
Reya's Aunt      
"I received the Learn2swimSuit the other day and it's just perfect.  Matthew really likes it too.  I can't wait to get him in the water.  Thanks again for your friendly and speedy service.  I'll tell my friends about you."
Matthew's Mom      

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A mom and daughter

Hand made to order on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

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